Comic 360 - Ninth Life: Dead of Winter page 12
15th Sep 2021, 3:06 AM in 4
Ninth Life: Dead of Winter page 12
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jolle edit delete
Sudden shotgun geezer

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User comments:
RazorD9 edit delete reply
Those are usually one of the best kinds of geezers to run into during an apocalypse. More so if they are crotchety. If you are able to get past there rugged exterior and their gun, they can impart words of wisdom laced in a sad story, general lay out of the land, a decent side quest that may or may not get someone killed, and possibly can sacrifice themselves to save the main cast. Usually in a large explosion. Treasure the geezer guys. They are worth their weight in gold.
sigpig edit delete reply
You win the Internet for today.
jolle edit delete reply
Somebody needs to roll their charisma check before things get ugly
crimsonfalke edit delete reply
Crawl up there so I don't have to pay your ass! That is what he meant.
jolle edit delete reply
Dougal has team mates, Brando has minions
cutup665 (Guest) edit delete reply
So when Brando loses all his crew we wont feel to bad about it at all.
jolle edit delete reply
Of course he won't