Comic 167 - Page 165
8th Apr 2016, 8:40 PM
Page 165
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Author Notes:
jolle edit delete
The bad guys are always in the right place in the wrong time
User comments:
Grey Garou edit delete reply
Grey Garou
Well, considering all the trouble they went to just to give Armor Girl and Rick a ton of grief, it makes sense they would come back to make sure the job is done. Say, what happened to Armor Girl? Did she give up and go?
jolle edit delete reply
She's not seen in one page and you think she's gone? Patience
Grey Garou edit delete reply
Grey Garou
I just thought they were in a standoff and she was threatening to blow Rick's head off with that detonator. I thought she was more determined to keep him as a prisoner.
jamie59 edit delete reply
Come on it's the good guys in the wrong place at the wrong time.