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19th Dec 2015, 7:20 PM
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jolle edit delete
Yes, she is kinda crazy
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Grey Garou edit delete reply
Grey Garou
Well, this is a different world that goes by a very different set of rules. Nuclear war tends to severely mess with society's version of sanity.
jolle edit delete reply
I guess this is my comment on how in many movies and games the hero is able to kill dozens of people left and right, and show no emotion after that. That's messed up!
Grey Garou edit delete reply
Grey Garou
In normal situations, I could not agree more. If the average person in our world witnesses somebody killing several people, no matter what the reason, a lack of emotional response in the killer would be unsettling.

I would think the appeal of these movies and games is to escape into a world where the normal moral dilemmas and ethnic taboos no longer apply. Where what is condemned here is considered laudable in that fantasy world and situation.

At least humanity seems to show its ugly side more and more in simulated environments, like pro wrestling.